30+ DIY Catio Ideas That Are Totally Pawsome

Build a Catio For Your Feline Friend

Cats also enjoy time spent in the garden. You are creating a “catio” or play area for your pet to enjoy the outdoors as much as you are a popular trend.

You can let your imagination go wild with this project. Choosing a more prominent structure is best if you have more than one cat. We don’t want them to be fighting over space.

Consider all aspects of your cat’s personality, from playfulness to curiosity and their love for a safe, secure place to hide if they need downtime or to nap. Check out these great ideas to help you create a unique outdoor cat playground.

Tree House

A tree in your yard can be easily transformed into a playhouse for pets. This project is perfect for those who are good at carpentry. You can turn the wood into a swing by drilling holes in the wood and adding rope.

Climbing Frame

We all know that cats love to climb and look for perches. Make their wildest fantasies come true by using this idea. The cat can explore the shelves that are woven into and around the structure. It is beneficial if you own a lot of cats. There will be enough space for everyone to enjoy.

Cat Structure

It’s a simple idea that your cat will enjoy. He can select the height of his chair by adding steps to a poll. He will most likely choose the size where he can see you. Cats love to feel superior or just be nosy and watch you cook their next meal.

Recycled Frame

There’s always something in the basement that we don’t use, such as an old bookcase. Why not make it a cat’s play area? You don’t need to spend much money either. You can use oversized tubes to make something a cat can hide and shelter in.

Floating Shelves

They’re not just for indoors; floating shelves make a great play area for your cat. Watch him jump from one frame to the next, choosing his favourite. You can have the frame on your porch with a small roof to protect it from rain. These shelves will make him love to watch the birds and insects!

Outdoor Cat Tree

Make your wooden trees for cats who love to climb. They will enjoy jumping from one level to another, chasing each other.

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Cat House

It’s the ultimate in cat houses. Your cat will genuinely feel like a king in this structure. You can either use scrap wood or buy something similar online. You can hang a mouse toy here and there to encourage your child to explore the entire structure.

Watching Station

Attach frames to your fence and give your cat its viewing station. It is beneficial if there are many exciting areas around, such as trees, where your cats can observe all the exciting creatures.

Scratching Pole

Including a scratching post in the cat’s play area is essential. Cats enjoy sharpening their nails. Adding shelves between the poles or a small hut on top can be made even more interesting.

Cat Tunnel

This cat looks very cosy in his tunnel. He can also keep an eye on you from there. You can even create this structure for him using old tires. If your garden already has similar areas, you could transform them for him.

Cat Jungle

Create a cat jungle for them to have fun in. Online you can find plans or purchase a similar product. This idea can be created from scrap materials.

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