111 Cat Names for Survivors

Names for Felines That Signify Resilience

Felines are recognized for their astounding ability to persevere (even with alleged nine lives if called for). These designations commemorate their tenacity, fortunate circumstances, and cunningness when faced with adversity. Please select a name for your rescued cat that reflects its unique disposition for overcoming obstacles to survive.

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Fortunate Monikers for Felines

For centuries, multiples of three, mainly three and nine, have earned a reputation for being lucky or enchanting figures. As a time-honoured English saying goes, “A cat obtains nine lives, wherein three he frolics, three he wanders, and for the last trio he rests.”

These feline monikers are linked to positive fortunes, prosperity, and unwavering faith– all qualities of resilient survivors.

Felix: Latin origin, meaning “fortunate.”
Heldij: Danish origin, meaning “fortunate.”
Laki: Samoan origin, meaning “fortunate.”
Suerte: Spanish origin, meaning “fortunate.”

Names for Resourceful Cats from History, Myth, and Fiction

ArtemisAslanBastetCheshireCleoCrookshanksGarfieldGreeboGrimalkinHermioneJijiJinxMufasaNalaPuss in BootsSimbaSylvesterTiggerZorro

Aslan: In the Narnia Chronicles, Aslan is a magical lion who can speak. He is sacrificed on the Stone Table by the White Witch but later resurrected by the laws of Deeper Magic. The name Aslan is Turkish for “lion.”
Atlas: A Titan god condemned to hold the heavens on his shoulders for eternity. The Atlantic Ocean is named after him, as it was believed to be the Sea of Atlas.
Baihu or Byakko: In Chinese and Japanese mythology, the white tiger symbolizes the West and the autumn season.
Cosmos: An orderly universe.
Deucalion: The Greek mythological Noah, Deucalion, and his wife Pyrrha are the only survivors of a great flood sent by Zeus to cleanse the world.
Emzara: The wife of Noah and a survivor of the great flood.
Epic: Referring to something heroic or grand in scale.
Homer: The author of the Iliad and Odyssey and an obnoxious parent to Bart, Lisa, and Maggie Simpson.
Jad-bal-ja: Tarzan’s lion companion.
Lazarus: The ultimate survivor, Lazarus, was raised from the dead by Jesus.
Noah: The builder of the Ark and a survivor of the great flood in the Bible.
Odysseus: The ultimate survivor, Odysseus survived the Trojan War and then struggled for ten years to return home to Ithaca.
Parker: Richard Parker is the name of the tiger which survives on a raft with a young Indian boy named Pi in the novel Life of Pi. Richard Parker symbolizes the animal instincts that Pi must employ to stay.
Sekhmet: An Egyptian goddess with the head of a lioness.
Tarzan: The lone survivor of a shipwreck, Tarzan, formerly Lord Greystoke, is raised by apes and eventually becomes known as Lord of the Apes.
Tarzana: Edgar Rice Burroughs’s California ranch, which later became a neighbourhood in Los Angeles.
Titan: The Immortal Gods that preceded the Olympians in Greek mythology.
Zorro: Spanish for “fox,” Zorro is known for his skilled swordsmanship and daring escapes from the authorities. He is nicknamed “Zorro” by the townspeople due to his fox-like cunning and sense of humour.

Renowned Escape Artists and Survivors That Can Inspire Great Cat Names

Buttercup: A notorious feline survivor of the Hunger Games and The Princess Bride. This cute name suits an orange cat; you can shorten it to Butters.

Casanova, imprisoned in the notorious Leads prison in Venice due to his involvement in adultery, wasted no time strategizing his escape. Despite his initial attempt to dig his way out failing, he passed on his digging tool to his cellmate, Balbi, who managed to escape himself and dug a tunnel linking their cells. After successfully fleeing to Venice, the two parted ways and avoided being caught. This incident only highlights the unparalleled charisma possessed by Casanova.

Roman Emperor Claudius was born Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus on August 1st, 10 BC and lived until October 13, AD 54. Despite being born with a limp, difficulty hearing, and a speech impediment, he was spared from the regular purges that plagued his family members’ reigns, including his uncles and nephew, Caligula. Considered mentally deficient due to his disabilities, Claudius was never considered a threat and was, therefore, not allowed to hold official positions in the government. Nevertheless, Claudius eventually shared a consulship with Caligula, and after Caligula’s assassination, he was declared Emperor by the Pretorian Guard. As the last surviving member of his lineage, many viewed Claudius as a lacklustre option for Emperor. However, he defied expectations and proved to be an excellent Emperor. Claudius oversaw the construction of an aqueduct, and his reign was marked by fairness and economic success. “Clawdius” could be a charming moniker for a clever, unassuming male cat.

In the movie Highlander, Connor MacLeod feels that he might be immortal after rapidly recovering from a deadly injury during a battle. After being exiled from his village on charges of sorcery, Connor stumbles upon a Spaniard familiar with his condition. The Spaniard takes him under his wing and trains him to confront his destiny. It’s later revealed that Connor is one of several people born immortal, and the only way to end their life is by beheading them. Over centuries, Connor and other immortals battle each other with swords, preparing for the “Gathering,” an event set to take place in New York City. In a battle of good versus evil, Connor faces off against the malevolent Kurgan, whose defeat brings forth a new era of peace for humanity.

Decorated with war honours and rebellious, Cool Hand Luke repeatedly escapes from prison, only to be recaptured each time. His unyielding determination and stories of his adventures outside the prison walls elevate Luke to legendary status among his fellow inmates. If you feel like you’re having “a failure to communicate,” consider naming your cat Luke.

The Donner party comprised pioneers who became trapped in the Sierra Nevada mountains due to a string of ill-advised choices and harsh climatic conditions. To endure the predicament, they eventually turned to consume the remains of their deceased companions, frozen in nearby snowdrifts. While 47 lived through the ordeal, 42 of their group perished in the mountains.

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Ginger: This name fits perfectly for a red cat, as it is also the name of a movie star in Gilligan’s Island.

Gilligan: The main character of Gilligan’s Island, who always manages to ruin any chance of their rescue.

Houdini: The renowned escapologist known to possess more than nine lives like a cat.

Jenny: The Titanic’s Cat, also known as Jenny, was transferred from one of the ship’s sister vessels before it embarked on its maiden journey. These cats were commonly used on cruise ships to prevent rodent infestation. A ship’s stoker, Jim Mulholland, took it upon himself to watch over Jenny as she had recently given birth to a litter of kittens. Shortly before the Titanic’s departure, Mulholland witnessed Jenny taking her kittens off the ship. Taking this as a bad sign, Jim followed suit and left the boat. Mulholland attributed his survival to the intuitive Jenny.

In 1970, the Marshall football team and its coaches tragically perished in a chartered aeroplane crash following a game at Eastern Carolina. The University initially contemplated terminating its football program; however, the following year, they resolved to assemble a team of walk-ons and junior varsity players. The account of their resurgence is depicted in the movie. We Are Marshall.

Morris, the ambassador for nine lives, was adopted from the nearby Humane Society, where he was initially found. Moreover, Frank Morris is one of the rare inmates who successfully broke out of Alcatraz. His remains were never found, leading many to believe he made it across the water to San Francisco.

In the eponymous film, Steve McQueen portrays Papillon, a skilled safecracker known for his ability to escape from prison. Along with Dustin Hoffman’s character, both Papillon and Hoffman’s character plot several attempts to escape from Devil’s Island, a notorious and brutal prison where they have been sentenced to life.

Sam, also known as Unsinkable Sam, survived three shipwrecks during World War II. This black and white male cat initially served on a Nazi ship before it sank. The British Royal Navy rescued Sam, and he continued to operate, surviving two more sunken ships.

Sully was a celebrated airline aviator who saved his crew and passengers by skillfully landing his aircraft on a river.

Skipper was the hefty captain of USS Minnow, stranded on Gilligan’s Island. It could be a sweet moniker for a big, grey or white feline.

Tao is the Siamese feline featured in The Incredible Journey’s factual narrative.

Harriet Tubman was renowned as the most prominent “conductor” of the Underground Railroad. She endangered her life to guide numerous enslaved people to liberty in the North.

Names for Immortal Cats From Myth

Angel: Kind and compassionate supernatural creatures.

Bakeneko: According to Japanese lore, some cats possess the power to talk and enchant people with the movements of their long tails. Sometimes mistaken for Nekamatos, these cats were believed to control their human caretakers more and more as they lived with them over time. For this reason, cat owners would often plan ahead of time how long they intended to keep a particular cat and would frequently cut their tails to reduce their ability to enchant. They can also shape-shift and often seek revenge by consuming those who wronged them or their favourite humans in new forms.

Bastet is an Egyptian deity who takes the shape of a cat and possesses divine energy to transform and communicate telepathically with any cat on Earth.

In Hindu mythology, Dawon is a tiger whom goddess Parvati rides into war. Dawon uses his sharp claws and teeth in combat while Parvati wields ten weapons.

Jinn, also known as genies, are supernatural beings made of fire and air in pre-Islamic mythology. They have the power to transform their shape and possess human beings. While they are considered lower beings than angels, they can choose between good and evil.

Nekomata: According to Chinese and Japanese mythology, there is an immortal cat spirit with two tails that haunts humans, causing them to see visions of their departed loved ones. The Nekomata’s powers increase based on the extent of mistreatment in its life and longevity. In some legends, it is said to be able to practice necromancy and raise the dead, controlling them through the movement of its paws and tails in a dancing motion.

Nirvana is a state of complete tranquillity that frees one from the continuous cycle of samsara, the never-ending process of reincarnation.

The phoenix is a legendary creature said to be reborn from its ashes.

Samsara refers to the cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth in Indian philosophical and religious traditions.

Wampus: The Wampus feline is a prominent figure in North American folklore renowned for its six legs, amphibious nature and mystical abilities. Its remarkable six limbs are utilized, two for fighting and four for running. During the 1920s and 1930s, the Wampus cat was held accountable for killing domestic livestock from North Carolina to Georgia.

Yali: A mythological creature in India with the features of a horse, lion, and elephant.

Names Meaning Miracle for Your Feline Companion

Do you feel that your cat’s survival and finding you is nothing short of a miracle? These name options for your feline friend suggest the wonder and mystery associated with such a miraculous event.

Boon, Glory, Jackpot, Laurel, Magic, Merit, Phenom, Raven, Treasure, Wonder.


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